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Ever considered Toronto as your touristic destination? Or even a potential location for a new chapter in life? If yes, here’s a brief introducing between you and Toronto. If not, check this brief review, because we’re pretty sure you’ll take Toronto into consideration. It simply has too many attractive aspects not to gain your sympathies.
Toronto is not capital, but it is Canada’s largest city. Populated with almost 3 million people, it is considered the fourth largest city in North America. They say that Toronto’s interesting history spans up to last ice age, but civilized communities were organized sometime in the 18th century. Nowadays, Toronto is significant global center of business, industry, education, tourism and culture.

Once you step on the streets of Toronto, the first thing you’ll face is its incredible mixture of cultures and nationalities. It is estimated that Toronto hosts around two hundred various nations with a huge flow of students temporarily settling here. The diversity of different customs, sensibilities, even preferred food makes it attractive to explore because all these diversity do not collide with tension.

The city has managed to harmonize pieces of many worlds into one cultured, cosmopolitan, relaxed and vivid place.

Toronto is one of the biggest global business centers and once you hit skyscrapers located downtown, you’ll see the proof of it. Headquarters of many international companies are settled here giving a great opportunity for career beginning. Also, many Canada’s media centers are located in Toronto, often giving that fuzzy and speedy rhythm of city’s everyday’s life.

Along with industry and financial flow, there is a widespread cultural life of Toronto. The city offers a lot to do and see once you start to explore its art galleries, museums, theaters and opera.
Art Gallery of Ontario will take you through two thousand years of art via its 80 000 exposed works. Exhibitions at the Royal Ontario Museum, Design Exchange or Bata Shoe Museum with its footwear collection have to find itself on your “must see” list.
If you are more of a historical sightseeing fan, you should probably hit Gooderham and Worts historic distillery district. Among its buildings reflecting Victorian architecture, you’ll find dozens of restaurants, galleries, theaters and monuments.
Queen Street West is well – known shopping scene in Toronto. It combines historic buildings with bars, bookstores, music shops and boutiques, keeping its specific spirit at every step. It’s a perfect place to get lost wandering around, making it useful and enriching experience all at once.

Two things are certainly the most recognizable marks of Toronto. CN Tower and Niagara falls. CN Tower was opened some 40 years ago and it hosted million of tourists ever since. Astonishing view over Lake Ontario from its top allows you to see Niagara Falls while standing on the glass floor a thousand feet above the ground.
If looking for a more relaxed way to spend your time and run away from city rush, you’ll fall in love with Toronto’s islands. No concrete skyscrapers, no cars, no busy life, just widely spread beautiful beaches, famous patios and endless opportunities for a picnic, bicycle riding or simply wandering around and photographing amazing view.

All of the above are just randomly mentioned possibilities Toronto has to offer you. If intrigued, explore the blog to feel more of Toronto’s aspects, before you finally decide to pack your bags and feel it personally in real time.

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